Embroidery and More
Embroidery and More

About Me

I am a keen embroiderer and dressmaker, and a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), in the Kingdom of Drachenwald. Within the Society, I am known as Baroness Mary Verch Thomas, OP. I love trying out different embroidery techniques, and trying to reproduce historic items. I have been doing embroidery since 1988, when I started with simple cross-stitch projects. My interest really took off, though, after I joined the SCA in 2001. Since then I have tried a variety of different techniques, and designed my own items, rather than just using cross-stitch kits. I am using this website to share some of work with those who are interested, and I hope you enjoy seeing them!

Things I have made


Different Projects done Using German Brickstitch


Different projects using a variety of Goldwork Techniques


Different projects using the historical technique of blackwork


Different cross-stitch based projects

Other Embroidery

Other random embroidery projects

SCA Garb

Various outfits made for SCA events


Instructions from some of the courses I have taught at SCA events

Other Dressmaking

Other items of clothing and things I have made

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