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Other Dressmaking and Crafts

As well as embroidery and SCA garb, I also make other clothes and objects from time to time. I particularly like the 1940s/1950s style, but I try many different things!

I made this dress and jacket to wear to a friends 40th birthday. It is from a Butterick pattern, based on a 1935 design. I made in in silk, and also lined it with silk.

This evening dress, based on a 1940s pattern, was made for a friends wedding. It was made from a heavy synthetic silk, and cost me a total of £32!

This was the dress I made as my wedding dress. It's actually a seperate laced bodice and skirt. It was made from a heavy synthetic silk, with a layer of shimmery embroidered fabric over the bodice. Its from a McCalls pattern, which I bought back in 2002.

This dress and jacket was made for a party with a Sargeant Pepper/1960s theme. The dress was made in cotton from a Simplicity pattern, and the jacket was made in a synthetic silk from a Butterick pattern. The jacket was trimmed with lots of pink sequins!

This dress was from a 1940s Voguue Vintage pattern. I made it in a red/black double faced silk. It was very fiddly to make, because of the inset gathered panels, but I love it, and still have it 15 years later!


This dress was my own design, based on cutting together a couple of commercial patterns. It is blue raw silk, gores of grey silk, embroidered in blue. The jacket has 3/4 length sleeves, with contrasting grey silk cuffs. I have worn it to several weddings

This dress was made using a Vintage Vogue 1957 pattern. I used a cotten with a small percentage of spandex, which was a very nice fabric to work with!

This dress and jacket was made for a Burns Night Ball. The dress was from a 1950s pattern, made in a synthetic silk. The skirt was lined with net, then taffeta lining to give it some body. The jacket was made from a modern pattern, in a wool fabric.

The black coat was made for a steampunk part (the corset and skirt were purchased), based on a Simplicity pattern. It was made from a synthetic silk, which was an absolute joy to work with!

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